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What is Aikido?

Aikido is modern martial art, founded in Japan 1930-1960.

Aikido means a way to harmony, balance, love and synchronization ( do – a way; aiki – harmony, love, synchronization, balance). Often people choose Aikido martial art, because it is an excellent way to clear your mind and completely focus to what you are doing at this moment. It is a method to achieve harmony with yourself, your own body and mind.

Martial art, which offers not to win, but to stay in harmony.

Aiki is one of the essential aikido elements. We are training this principle by completing various movements, warm-up, movement sequences, focusing on coordinating hands, legs and head movements with the center of the body in order to make the body singular, so all of its parts would move in harmony.

When our body becomes coordinated enough, we are able to practice aikido together in a pair, when we are trying to coordinate with partner movement. Aikido practitioner task is to redirect partner’s attach without injuring him. In such a way a person, practicing this martial art, is reaching harmony not only with himself, but also with his partner. In training participants are searching and finding means how to avoid collision with force – not to conquer the enemy, but to use his energy and to guide him in harmony.

Aikido classes in Vilnius and Klaipeda

We are inviting to practice in Klaipeda and Vilnius If you have doubts, whenever this martial art is for you, you can use our offer and participate in the first class for free, until you decide.

Shigemi Inagaki Sensei and Dainius Silingas, Iwama, Japan, 2013.